Placement Cell

Placement Cell

Placement Assistantship

As a responsible body serving for the nation from private sector we are proud to bear some Corporate Social Responsibility by providing logical assistantship in finding a right place to advance their career for the deserving participants of any of our training program. We assist a deserving individual get a job of his desire on the basis of his qualification, skills and capabilities, not just because he has joined one of our training programs. This service is exclusively meant for only those individuals who have registered their names to our Career Opportunity Unit.

Career Opportunity Unit

Career Opportunity Unit of NIMe does not only serve the individuals by providing Placement Assistantship but also renders its service as a trustworthy HR Consultant of the organizations and helps them hire quality Human Resources without going through a cumbersome recruitment process.

One of the goals of this unit is to furnish the concerned organizations with manpower talent they need and when they need it. We plan not to let any corporate giant complain that they are short of management professionals, technical and non technical personnel, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers.

On top of that the most prominent segment of our company The Employers Council constantly guides and supervises the Career Opportunity Unit to keep the professional as well as philanthropic ethics.

Candidates who would like to apply for vacancies can fill in the details below.

Please, fill the placement form and mail it at